At VICE, we take pride in our athletes moving efficiently through quality movement with the belief that better movement within the gym should directly increase health and wellness outside of the gym. Each of the programs offered at our facility reflects that and is led by experienced, passionate coaches.

Olympic Weightlifting

VICE Performance Gym is also the home of VICE Weightlifting. Our program is lead by both our USAW National Level Coaches Aaron Gatdula & Sean Koyano. At VICE, we believe that all movements practiced within Olympic Weightlifting are crucial building blocks to becoming a more dynamic, technically sound athlete beyond the weightlifting platform.

Whether you are new to weightlifting, an advanced weightlifter,  or an athlete looking to fine tune technique, ranging in all ages and life stages, we invite you to come lift with VICE weightlifting. We plan and prep our programming to meet the needs of our casual lifters to our competitive National Level lifters. If you have any questions about our weightlifting program and/or team, please give us a call or send us an email. 

Functional Fitness

Coming Soon!!!

This class is designed and focused on incorporating varied “functional” movements that translate to everyday life and performed at a high intensity relative to that individual.  Workouts and movements can be universally scaled regardless of age, ability and/or experience.  For individuals just starting out, or unfamiliar with the Olympic Weightlifting world, this class is a good way to ease into fitness, build on existing abilities, or challenge current fitness levels.

Personal Training

Vice Performance Gym offers 1-on-1 Personal Training with a personalized program designed to align with your individual needs and goals. These sessions are intended for those who want to partner with our coaches to work on weaknesses, learn new skills, and be held accountable in their commitment to better themselves.

Rates may vary depending on coach and number of sessions.

Fundamentals of Fitness

If you are new to fitness or have never stepped foot into a gym, we have a “fundamentals program” that coaches you through fundamental functional movements found inside and outside of the gym. This program is for anyone without any prior fitness experience. This program consists of (4) one-on-one sessions with one of our coaches who will help get you ready and build that confidence as you walk into our gym.

Before you begin your group sessions, we require that you complete this “on ramp” series with our coaches, as this will allow us to better assess your abilities to ensure that you are moving both safely and efficiently. In addition, the hope is this provides you with the best opportunity ensure that you are comfortable in a gym setting.

We would love to set-up a time that works best for you. You don’t have to be great to start. You have to start to be great. Please contact us to schedule a personalized consultation and review first steps with one of our coaches.   

Team/Group Training Packages

VICE Performance gym opens its doors to teams in any sport with athletes looking to take their game to the next level.  Our vision is to provide a space for those teams to focus on building a better work ethic and increasing overall coordination, body awareness, strength, power, balance, speed, and agility.  We believe that a good athlete is a healthy athlete and our focus is longevity. Our goal here at VICE is for our athletes to remain healthy both on and off the field, court, and in competition through the work they put in.

Prices vary depending on frequency of training sessions per week. Please ask us about our VPG Team Training Packages. Call us for more info and to schedule an appointment with your team!